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Sewing Machine Accessories > Feet
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1/4" Quilting Foot with IDT (DEGJK) 82092696


1/4" Right Guide Foot with IDT (BCDEFGJK) 820924096


Bi-level Topstitch Foot with IDT (DEGJK) 820676096


Blindhem Foot w/IDT DEGJK


Chenille Foot with IDT (BCDEFGJ) 820615096


Couching/Braiding Foot with IDT (BCDEFGJ) 820607096


Dynamic Spring Foot


Fancy Stitch Foot with IDT (GJ) 820774096


Free Motion Ruler Foot for 710/720


Free-Motion Echo Quilting Foot (J) 821002096


Grand Piping Foot G, J


Invisible Zipper Foot (CDEFGJK) 820474096


Juki Foot for Lightweight Fabric for the TL series


Juki Smooth Foot for TL Series A9840-D25-0A0


Knit Edge Foot (BCDEFGJ) 820790096


Multi-line Decorative Foot 821082096


Narrow Edge Foot with IDT (BCDEFGJK) 820609096


Narrow Piping Foot


Open Toe Free Motion Foot J/L


Open Toe Free- Motion Foot (J) 820780096


Open Toe Free-motion Foot (K) 820988096


Open Toe Sensormatic Free-motion Foot (J) 820976096


Open-Toe Applique Foot 9mm with IDT (FGJK) 820213096


Open-Toe Free-Motion Spring Foot (J) 821064096


Pfaff 3-Hole Yarn Foot 820920096


Pfaff Blind Hem/Applique (snapon) 416437101


Pfaff clear 1/4" foot for (D,E,G,J,K)


Pfaff Creative Felting Embroidery Set


Pfaff Gathering Foot 820668096


Pfaff Non-Stick Foot with IDT (BCDEFGJK) 820664096


Pfaff Open-Toe Free Motion Spring Foot


Pfaff Quilt Binder Attatchment 821163096


Ruler Foot Echo Guides


Seam Guide Foot with IDT (BCDEFGJ) 8020772096


Sew-on Button Foot (CDEFGJ) 820473096


Standard Presser Foot (BC) 820258096


Stitch-In-Ditch Foot with IDT (BCDEFGJK) 820925096


Twin Welting Foot (ABCDEFGJ) 820531096


Yarn Couching Foot Set 7393033048013


Zipper Foot with IDT (DEGJ) 820248096


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