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Lovebirds by Two Can Art

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Patti Gay and her son Noah have teamed up to create a collection of images called Two Can Art. Noah, who is autistic, creates all of the painted textures that Patti then assembles into images.  For Noah, painting is a whole sensory activity. It has been part of his program since he was very young. He uses sponges, brushes, rollers, fingers, and even bubbles to create textures. “I have always thought his textures were beautiful,” says Patti. “It seems such a natural development that something we both love doing would merge.”  Funds from the Two Can Art collection are being put away for Noah’s future.

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Lovebirds Blue Dots A-9864-B


Lovebirds Light Blue Dots A-9864-BL


Lovebirds Light Green Dots A-9864-G


Lovebirds Orange Dots A-9864-O


Lovebirds Red Dot A-9864-R


Lovebirds White Bird Song Panel 23" x 42" A-9861-L


Lovebirds Yellow Dots A-9864-Y



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